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A membership of diverse emerging fund managers sharing advice, wisdom, and connections.


The fastest-growing community of emerging fund managers in the world from countries across-the-globe, including Venezuela, France, Canada, Dubai, Nigeria and China. 

We foster a trusted, strong and open community in which there is room for everyone to win.  

We exchange ideas, share best practices, and help each other raise capital through:

  • Bi-weekly discussions and events hosted by thought leaders, institutional LPs, emerging tech experts, innovative vendors and others. 

  • Weekly newsletter keeping our group in-the-know.

  • Daily active WhatsApp group with 400+ active contributors.  

  • A robust Slack channel powered by Women in VC.

  • Fundraising pods to accelerate the time required for an underrepresented manager to raise a fund.

  • Offer group discounts to industry subscription services.

Join Us

Join Us!

If you are a diverse emerging founder of a fund with the majority of your hold co and carried interest raising a first or second venture capital fund, we want to hear from you. 


Create meaningful change with us by joining forces with like-minded managers, and together we will invest in a future that reflects the way the world truly looks.


There is power in numbers. 

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